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Yeisk-Port-Vista Increased Capacity of Oil Handling Facility

The second phase for oil storing & handling complex construction was completed at Yeisk-Port-Vista stevedoring company premises. One more oil reservoir was added to previously erected ones, bringing the total storing capacity of the three tanks to 7 K tonnes. At present loading/unloading capacity is 200 tonne/hour.

Yeisk-Port-Vista provides services of accumulating shiploads of vegetable oil and handling oil cargos for export operations. It services own contracts of its head company Krasnodarzernoprodukt-Expo as well as those of third-party customers – major Russian producers and exporters. At present predominantly sunflower oil is handled.  However, the existing equipment can be employed for virtually all types of vegetable oils produced from crops and having viscosity up to 76 cSt.

The plans of Yeisk-Port-Vista for 2017 involve further development of the complex: storage capacity will grow up to 10 K tonnes, loading / unloading speeds - up to 250 tonne/hour.