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Rice Processing Plant in Adygeisk completed packaging line upgrade

Rice processing complex in Adygeisk completed upgrading its finished product packaging line. During 2016 the company purchased and installed equipment for an additional line providing consumer packaging of milled rice in 5-10 kg bags and 1 kg pouches. The line capacity is 2500 kg/h. The own output of milled rice is been packaged.

Rice processing plant in Adygeisk was acquired by Krasnodarzernoprodukt Group in March 2014. As soon as the company joined KZP, entire renovation of the plant started off. It was decided to focus on its premises all KZP rice processing business. For this purpose an existing rice mill of PAO Krasnodarzernoprodukt was relocated from Krasnodar to Adygeisk as well.

At present the capacity of Adygeisk silo complex is 65 thousand tonnes of paddy rice per year. The capacity of the rice mill – 250 tonnes of cereal per day. The finished product is packed in bags of various sizes: 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 kg. These are: milled rice of various grades, including oiled milled rice and crushed milled rice. The output is sold to customers all over Russian Federation and abroad.