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"The movement to new achievements and victories must be maintained"

The very much attention has always paid to the sport in our region. Due to this today we can be proud of the names of the stars that represent Kuban at major international competitions. Judo is one of the sports that are really popular in Krasnodar krai. Arsen Galstyan (resident of Krasnodar) and Beslan Mudranov (resident of Armavir) are in the top 5 rankings strongest fighters in the world. To date according to the results of the competitions the 34 Kuban athletes   are members of the Russian national Judo teams in all age groups. "The movement to new achievements and victories must be maintained" - this decision was taken by the management of Krasnodarzernoprodukt Group of Companies. The result of this decision was the signing of the agreement with The Regional Federation of Judo in the Krasnodar region in May 2013. In accordance with this agreement KZP is actively supporting the development of judo in the Kuban. Here is the comment of KZP management about the event: "We believe this sport is really able to make society not only healthier, but also more spiritual as judo teaches discipline and fosters a sense of justice, courage, perseverance, humility and respect for other people".