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Krasnorarzernoprodukt launches a rice processing plant

KZP Group has launched a rice processing plant in Krasnodar with an annual 50 th tonnes processing capacity. The rice mill is set up at Krasnodarzernoprodukt JSC grain handling facility, one of the largest processors of grain in South of Russia.

The new plant has been accommodated in idling entirely renovated premises adjacent to KZP flour mill and a 70 th tonnes storing capacity silo complex. The use of existing building made possible to cut investment down to $3 m allocating it to new conveyer systems, advanced processing equipment - Korean-made, and packing machines.

The plant will produce milled rice, predominantly Rapan type, which quality is assured by adequate raw material supply and advanced processing techniques involved, e.g. precision hulling and photoelectronic separation.

“To commission a rice mill is a timely step for KZP aiming to build up a vertically integrated business – KZP Group Managing Director Alexey Sidyukov says. We trade paddy and milled rice both on domestic and foreign markets. We also grow paddy on our farms where its share in total output approximates 40%. Own rice mill makes a logical link in our supply chain from crop growing to consumer goods production.”