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Krasnodarzernoprodukt sponsors International Grain Round in Gelendzhik

XIV International Grain Round  “Grain Market – yesterday, today, tomorrow” opens in Gelendzhik. The venue is organized by the Russian Grain Union under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Economic Development, Federal Tariff Authority, the Committee on Agrarian Issues of the State Duma, the Administration of Krasnodar Territory, Agro-industrial Union of Kuban. “Krasnodarzernoprodukt” is the main sponsor of the event, already the second year in a row.

The current event is an excellent opportunity to assess the first results in agrarian sector following Russia's entry into the World Trade Organization. And while grain producers find themselves quite confident in the new circumstances, Russian agriculture as a whole will face certain difficulties and have to undergo fundamental changes in the near future.

Today the word "innovation" is of special significance for the Russian agro market, the grain industry in particular. Not only it needs new and progressive car fleets, growing techniques, processing equipment. Machinery alone cannot bring the industry to the new heights, without breakthrough in the awareness and competences of people involved in agriculture. So the industry will require new thinking, "mental reprogramming."

Production of goods, capable to successfully sell on home and international levels, requires comprehensive information on total competitive environment, which will be increasingly influenced by foreign manufacturers. In these circumstances, ararian market professionals need an absolutely new scope of vision, going far beyond own field, village, region and country.

Russia's accession to the WTO is a serious strength test for the industry, yet – an opportunity never occurred before. Grain rounds – are a place where the relevant information on domestic and world grain market is concentrated, highlighting market changes and challenges. The current event in Gelendzhik is to prove a fund of applied knowledge providing the participants with new outlooks. The venue is held June 4-7, 2013. Around 700 participants from 20 countries of the world are expected.