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Krasnodarzernoprodukt to set up inulin production in Krasnodar region

Krasnodarzernoprodukt Group (KZP) plans a modern inulin recovering plant in Krasnodar area (South of Russia) and demonstrated seriousness of that commitment by signing a collaboration agreement with Krasnodar authorities at Sochi Investment Forum, September 2010.

The project is claimed to be the Russian first integrated facility converting basic agricultural commodities into added-value ingredients for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries such as inulin, fructose & glucose syrups, dietary fibers, pectins, fructooligosaccharides, etc. Ecologically sustainable process schemes engaging nanobiotechnology have been developed and patented by KZP for the project.

The company is looking to purify inulin from Jerusalem artichoke, a plant hardly known as agricultural crop in Russia, nevertheless already introduced in KZP farms meant to supply it. The new facility aims to substitute Russian inulin imports and to deliver the ingredients to the Customs Union member-countries as well.

According to Krasnodarzernoprodukt managing director Alexey Sidyukov, the project will cost $28 to 30 m and be supervised by “ROSTCO Food Ingredients” - a recently founded KZP subsidiary focusing on ingredients production.