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Krasnodarzernoprodukt JSC celebrates its 80th anniversary

On December 21 the largest in Krasnodar region agro-processing enterprise celebrated the jubilee – 80 years ago it was founded as a legal entity. The event was attended by the company employees, including retired employees and veterans of KZP, the company management and guests – officials representing Krasnodar Municipal Council, industry trade union, Institute for Food and Food Processing Industry affiliated with Kuban State Technical University.

The ceremony was opened by Managing Director of Krasnodarzernoprodukt JSC Aidomir Shazzo. His speech highlighted the most important stages of the company evolution, achievements of the last years, plans for the near future. The head of Krasnodarzernoprodukt Group, Managing Director of Krasnodarzernoprodukt-Expo LLC Alexey Sidyukov joined him to congratulate the company team.

The contribution of employees to the company growth was acknowledged by: Certificate of Honor from the Ministry of Agriculture of Krasnodar region granted to 4 employees, Certificate of Appreciation of Krasnodar region Governor – to 3 employees, Certificate of Honor from Mayor of Krasnodar city – to 15 employees, Certificate of Honor of Russian Millers’ Union – to 4 employees. 3 persons were assigned the title of “Honorable Workman of Kuban region Food Industry”, 3 - awarded “Honorable Miller of Russia” ribbon, 3 – “For contribution to the development of Bread Products Industry” ribbon.

Guests had the opportunity to view the exhibited samples of products produced by Krasnodarzernoprodukt LLC, and to participate in the handcraft competition among KZP employees who represented their works. The winner was presented with a memorable prize. The ceremony ended with a concert given by learners’ team of Artistic Association “Premier”.


Krasnodarzernoprodukt was registered as a Joint Stock Company in 1993, but its heritage as a legal entity started as far back as in 1932. Initially warehouses for grain collected from deliverers were erected. They were located exactly in place where present production facilities are situated. Intake and storage of grain have been the principal company activity for many years. Later production of wheat flour and cereals (semolina and rice cereal) were introduced. Here are some important stages of the company evolution:

  • 1970 – Flour Mill was built with 245 ton/day capacity for wheat flour production of 3 grades. Several important up-grades have been undertaken since the mill was commissioned.
  • 1990 –1995 - New equipment was installed in grain cleaning department. It resulted in production lines capacity increase, followed by maximum machinery efficiency.
  • 2006 – Grain cleaning department underwent automation up-grade, process administration from the central control panel was introduced.
  • In collaboration with grain processing department of Kuban State Technical University the decision was taken to equip grain cleaning facility of the mill with photo-electronic separators – machines able to extract impurities by color. Photo separator scans the grain flow with its optical "eye" and allows prompt and efficient separation of quality wheat from impurities and rejects damaged grains. The efficiency of grain cleaning reaches 97-99%.
  • Milling department has undergone up-grade which increased its capacity up to 330 ton/day. The changes affected the process flow. Depending on quality and range of the products produced, flour feed regulation in the blending screws was introduced; flour control - on seven sieving sections.
  • 2010 - Rice processing plant was commissioned.
  • 2012 - In view of Russia’s accession in WTO rice processing plant underwent up-grade aimed to improve the process flow, to increase product diversity, to secure production of goods conforming to European and world standards.
  • In the near future KZP plans to source construction of power plant for incineration of rice husk.

Today Krasnodarzernorodukt JSC ranks among the top five industry leaders in the South of Russia. KZP is an example of a company which keeps developing, upgrading its machinery park and production techniques. Krasnodarzernoprodukt JSC is a regular participant and winner of All-Russian quality contests for flour and cereals, the winner of All-Russian and regional exhibitions and competitions, winner of gold medals and diplomas. Its primary goal is to produce high-quality products for consumers in Russia and abroad.