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Eysk-Port-Vista scales up handling of oil products

Stevedoring company Yeisk-Port-Vista keeps on developing its oils business. In 2011 the company upgraded the port's oil handling facilities and started to transfer black oils additionally to light oils handled previously.

As a result the new modular-type boiler-house BMK-8.0 M was commissioned along with 2 plants for heating/discharging black oil from rail tank cars and feeding it to sea tankers via a system of technological piping. The overall construction process will be executed in three stages by contracting Nointengineering company in cooperation with Neftegaspromproject planning group.

Yeisk-Port-Vista has been handling oil products since 2005. Today the company has the facilities to transfer straight-run petrol (gasoline), motor petrol, fuel and oil additives, kerosine oil, fuel oil, lubricants. It has all the necessary equipment for these operations, required permissions and trained staff.

Yeisk-Port-Vista stevedoring company operates at Yeisk sea port harborage. It was founded in 1999 and in 2009 got integrated with Kasnodarzernoprodukt Group. The port's annual handling capacity - 1 M tonnes. In 2011 Yeisk-Port-Vista transferred around 30 K tonness of oils, 49 K tons of logs and sawn timber, 564 tons of grain, milled grain products and other agricultural bulks. The total turnover of 664 K tonnes fell short the usual volume close to 1 M tonnes due to grain embargo which was in effect until July 1st.