Krasnodarzernoprodukt in RBC-500 Rating of the Russian Business

Information and Analytical Agency RosBusinessConsulting included Krasnodarzernoprodukt in the list of 500 largest businesses in Russia. In its 2015 Russian Business Rating where companies are evaluated by their revenues in 2014, KZP is ranked 370th with 22 billion rubles in revenues and 128 m rubles profits. Growth of revenues is reported as 67%, of profits – 61% to the previous year.

The Rating of 500 leaders of the Russian Business by RBC is published for the first time. The scale of businesses included in it is proved by the fact that their cumulative 2014 revenues exceeded 56 trillion rubles which is equivalent to 77% of Russia’s GDP 2014. Companies from RBC-500 employ around 7,5 m people.

The leading segments of the rating are: by number -  “Oil & Gas” (61 companies), "Metals and Mining" (48) "Finance, Banking and Insurance" (43), "Retail" (41); by revenue - "Oil and Gas" (19,8 trillion rubles, or 35% of cumulative revenues), "Finance, Banking and Insurance" (6 trillion rubles., 11%), "Metals & Mining" (5,1 trillion rubles, 9%).

Companies engaged in production, processing and export of agricultural products are ranked as follows:

Rusagro – 153th
Aston 202th
Cargill 213th
“Yug Rusi” Oil Refinary – 238th
MZK (International Grain Company)/ Glencore – 238th
Bunge CIS – 348th
OZK (United Grain Company) – 462th
RIF TD – 477th

Source: RBC.RU