The object of the trade activity of the KZP is a wide range of agricultural products, which are based on grains and oilseeds, their products. All trading operations in the group are carried out through Krasnodarzernoprodukt-Expo LLC.

KZP sells its own products, and also buys a wide range of third-party agricultural products. The company has an extensive network of sales and purchasing offices and representatives in a number of agricultural regions of the Russian Federation.

Mainly cereals are supplied to the domestic market. Wheat, barley, corn, sunflower seeds and oil, rice, peas, chickpeas, lentils, flax, sorghum, millet, paddy rice, bran, meal, bard are sold to foreign markets. 

One of the largest grain exporters 

KZP is among the ten largest Russian exporters of agricultural products. In the 2017/18 agricultural year, the volume of export of KZP amounted to 1.8 million tons, which allowed the company to occupy the 8th place among exporters of Russian origin grain.

Grain exports are carried out mainly to the countries of the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East - Egypt, Turkey, Libya, the United Arab Emirates, Greece, Israel, South Africa, Vietnam, Cyprus, Tunisia, Albania, Jordan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, etc.