KZP carries out stevedoring activity in the water area of the Yeisk Sea Port, which connects Russia's internal waterways through the Azov Sea with the Black and Mediterranean Seas. Stevedoring services include the whole complex of works accompanying cargo transshipment in the port area, as well as quality control of operations performed.

The capacity of the stevedoring asset of Yeisk-Port Vista LLC, which is included in the Group of Companies, allows handling more than a million tons of export-import cargoes, including grains, their products, vegetable oils, timber, metal, cement, fertilizers in big bags and other general cargoes. There is a complex for transshipment of light and dark petroleum products.

On the territory there are units of customs, border, sanitary and quarantine control. During cargo operations, vessels handled by the port receive the necessary supplies and repairs.

To learn more about the stevedoring company Yeisk-Port-Vista go to the company's website.