Our mission is to provide customers with quality products at fair prices, contributing to development of the Russian food market and strengthening the country food security.

We progressively seek recognition on the global market, competing on equal basis with major Russian exporters of grain. Success in international markets makes for our ranking in the industry and contributes to the revival of Russia's reputation as a world-scale exporter of agricultural products.

For maximum efficiency, we strive to build a vertically integrated business from production of agricultural commodities to supplying finished products to end-users.

To our customers we deliver quality products and services, based on years of experience in the industry and the use of advanced technologies. We are recognized as a reliable supplier and appreciate the confidence that we get from our business partners.

To our employees we guarantee a decent level of remuneration and the opportunity for professional growth. We encourage their creative approach at work and promote those who are capable to act beyond standards and find exceptional solutions.

To our shareholders we provide a stable income and growth of the business due to our flexibility which allows for immediate respond to changing market environment and emerging opportunities.