Own agricultural production is the key to the stability of the raw material base for the group's processing enterprises. Currently, there are eleven farming companies in KZP, located in the Krasnodar, Stavropol, Rostov and Belgorod regions. The number of employees engaged in agricultural production - about 1 500 people.

The total area of cultivated farmland is about 160 thousand hectares, including land under management.

Priority is given to the cultivation of such crops as wheat, sunflower, barley, corn, rice, sugar beets, soybeans, rape, peas. Products are sold on domestic and foreign markets through centralized trade structures of KZP or sent for further processing within the group.

Record in terms of investment in agricultural production was in 2011, when KZP investments in this area amounted to 1.2 billion rubles. In addition to the acquisition of land, resources are directed to the purchase of modern technology, infrastructure, increasing of soil fertility, replenishment of working capital of agricultural enterprises.

For several years now, modern agricultural systems for monitoring crops and GLONASS navigation have been actively used at agricultural enterprises of GС, what allows us to quickly obtain information on the state of sown areas, growth stages and plant quality and respond in a timely manner to solve the emerging difficulties. Due to the fact that monitoring systems are aimed at optimizing fertilizers and soil irrigation, they help plan agricultural operations, predict crop yields, as well as provide an opportunity to monitor the operation, productivity and movement of equipment. Over the years of implementation and use, production indicators in the KZP have been improved.

In the coming years, the company will focus on improving the culture of farming in the existing areas, introducing new technologies, replicating the best practices of modern agribusiness and achieving maximum efficiency indicators.