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Krasnodarzernoprodukt Commissioned Legumes Processing Plant

Krasnodarzernoprodukt (KZP) commissioned a modern automated plant for processing of legumes – beans, peas, chick-peas and lentils. The procedures involve removal of impurities, grain peeling, polishing and calibrating. Purification level of grain at the output exceeds 99%. If necessary, the grain undergoes processing in humidifier and lubricator. Various formats of packing are available.

The new plant is installed on premises of Adygeisk Rice Mill which is a part of KZP Group. This allowed utilization of existing infrastructure and cost optimization for the new facility set up. The project investments amounted to 200 million rubles which were used to purchase domestically produced and imported technological equipment with a capacity of 10 tons per hour.

The plant will process grains produced on KZP own farms as well as the bulks purchased from other growers by KZP-Expo trading company. It will also accept orders for legumes processing from third-party customers.

According to Evgeny Sidyukov, CEO of Krasnodarzernoprodukt-Expo, this project is the company’s response to the challenges of the market. In recent years legumes, as a valuable source of vegetal protein, are gaining popularity among consumers. The share of this crop in KZP product portfolio grows, both in respect of cultivated tonnage and the volume of trade operations on domestic and international markets. The launch of the legumes processing plant creates a necessary link in the company's supply chain, as its goal is to gradually switch to supplying the market with value-added products instead of raw agricultural commodities only.