The company which gave name to the whole group – PAO Krasnodarzernoprodukt - was registered in 1993 following privatization of Krasnodar Bread Baking Complex (Krasnodarsky Kombinat Khleboproduktov), a company with heritage which started in 1932. 

For a long time its activities have been concentrated on storage of grain and milling it into flour which was then used at the own bread baking facilities and supplied to other municipal bread baking plants in Krasnodar.

Gradually the product range got wider, purchase-and-sales activities have spread beyond Krasnodar region and Russian Federation. This raised the issue of setting up a separate commercial entity which was registered in 2005 as OOO Krasnodarzernoprodukt-Expo.

As agricultural export volumes grew it was decided to gain the competitive edge in grain trading business by acquisition of cargo handling asset at the Sea of Azov. In 2007 a stevedoring company Yeisk-Port-Vista got affiliated with KZP.

Currently Krasnodarzernoprodukt manages more over a dozen companies involved in activities connected with its core business. They are crop growing farms, companies providing logistics, freight forwarding and other services needed on agricultural commodities market.