Key Facts

Krasnodarzernoprodukt Group (KZP) holds one of the leading positions on Russia’s agricultural commodities market. We produce and trade grains, oilseeds, pulse and other agricultural commodities, provide grain storage, processing and logistics, invest in grain-producing assets, provide management services for them.

KZP-affiliated companies are located in the South of Russia, primarily in Krasnodar region. The total number of employees – over 2000. The management function in the Group is carried out by the trading company Krasnodarzernoprodukt-Expo with the head-office in Krasnodar.

In 2016 fiscal year KZP had over 30 billion rubles in consolidated sales. It accounts for 4% share of the Russian grain export volume.

KZP is a member of the Russian Grain Union and a co-founder of the National Association of Exporters of Agricultural Products (NAESP).

Already for the sixth year in a row Krasnodarzernoprodukt has been sponsoring the International Grain Round "Grain Market - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" organized by the Russian Grain Union.