Integrated farming is a reliable source of grain supply for the Group’s processing plants. At present six Krasnodarzernoprodukt-affiliated farms operate in Krasnodar and Stavropol regions. Over 800 employees are involved in agricultural production.

The total area of land under plough is over 50 thousand hectars, including rented lands. KZP is one of the major producers of paddy rice in Russia. Nearly a quarter of all land managed by KZP is allocated for rice systems.

Priority crops for growing are: wheat, sunflower, barley, corn, paddy rice, sugar beet, rape, peas. The output is marketed domestically, exported or supplied to KZP mills via centralized selling organization.

In 2014 the company started a new project of growing field vegetables – potatoes, carrots, beetroot and onions - for supermarket chains. In 2015 KZP farms set to grow green peas, sweet corn, vegetable marrows and pumpkins for local canned food industry.

The record investment in farming sector was made in 2011 when KZP spent 1,2 billion rubles on acquisition of farmlands, advanced agricultural machinery and infrastructure sites, for improving quality of lands and securing sufficient cash flow for the agricultural companies.

In the coming years Krasnodarzernoprodukt will focus on perfecting farming routines to increase effectiveness of agricultural production.